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Carryin' the banner by Nightengale37
Carryin' the banner
Newsies on a mission, kill the competition, sell the next edition!

Jack - animelore 
Davey -  Corey
Les - ravenspiritmage
Spot - moi
Dragon horns by Nightengale37
Dragon horns
I don't usually post progress photos but I am quite pleased with the dragon horns I made for Smaug and wanted to share.

They are made with a tin foil base then covered with masking tape, newspaper and glue and then I used hot glue for the ridge detailing and painted. The painting does take a long time with all the black detailing but I think it was worth it for the look! 

I followed a tutorial by Chrix Design [HERE] if you are interested in making your own.  
Obviously I do not post journal entries here often but hello!

So, in June I went to AnimeNEXT for one day. It is near my boyfriend's house and we usually like to go for just a day, get one or two cosplays in. It was a fine time and I finally got to debut Hange Zoe from Attack on Titan. I've had her ready since before Katsucon but that con filled up and then had some belt problems (AoT cosplayers, you know). So, finally did her and got some good photos. You should see those soon.

AND THEN in July, just got home Saturday in fact, I have been in London. I went for a 2 week grad school seminar and OF COURSE had to get in some Sherlock location cosplay. We went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum and went to Speedy's and the filming door! We did not do a 'full tour' of all the filming spots, no barts, but we did get in some good photos (despite the heat). Once those are editing you'll see them too! It was so awesome to be cosplaying Sherlock Holmes in London. We even met some fellow fans at Speedy's! So great.


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United States
I am mostly here to post cosplay and photography. Occasionally my doodles come up as well. Mostly I like looking at the talent of others and praising you for your work.

For more of my cosplay you can check out:

Facebook: Nightengale Cosplay
Tumblr: Sunnyrea Nightengale37
Anime Cosplay Paradise: Nightengale37

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